API community

CYC is a trusted supporter of the local Asian Pacific Islander community in San Francisco, known for our many programs that benefit the API community throughout the city and in each neighborhood. We focus both on building the local API community and on building bridges between communities throughout the city.

CYC programs that benefit the API community and have a high visibility within the API community include disaster preparedness, after school programs, our Beacon school programs, behavioral health and intervention services, violence prevention, advocacy, language and culture adaptation, leadership development, workforce development, street power washing, and racial harmony work.

CYC manages a pool of 400+ volunteers gathered from local public schools for a wide range of community activities, including street festivals and public races; street, park, and beach cleanup; youth advocacy; senior companionship, activities and technology training.

Our community-led approach includes and assumes deep collaboration with API nonprofits, business partners, and government for program delivery, advocacy, training, and events.

CYC has a strong presence in all SF neighborhoods with high API populations, including the Tenderloin, Richmond, Sunset, Bayview, and Chinatown.

Although all CYC programs benefit the local API community, the following are specifically attuned to API community needs:

Founded in 1972, Youth for Community Engagement promotes self-development, communication skills and a positive attitude to help immigrant youth and elderly adapt to a new country.


Job Readiness for English Language Learners provides training and workplace experience to youth 14-18 who are primarily immigrant English Language Learners to ensure they are ready and prepared to succeed in school, work, and life. 

Asian Pacific Islander School based Outreach provides recruitment, referral, and conflict mediation for at-risk API youth aged 14-25 who are low-income and facing cultural/language barriers and multiple risk factors.

Advocating for Unity Resilience and Acceptance is a semester-long mentorship program that matches API youth female mentees with API adult female mentors.


Supporting Transitions & Aspirations Mentorship Program supports API high school sophomores and juniors with academic, life, and college application skill-building and mentorship.


Asian Pacific Islander Youth Leadership Council (APIYLC) meets weekly to encourage leadership development, social awareness, and civic engagement among API youth.

APIVPS works to reconnect at-risk API youth with caring adults and peers by providing financial, social, and recreational resources, building individual strengths, and promoting youth and family communication.

API Youth & Family Community Support Services addresses mental health stigma, limited access to linguistically and culturally appropriate services, and co-factors surrounding API youth and LGTBTQQ youth specific mental health.

Resilience Empowerment Academic Community Health is focused on improving youth’s health and fitness and developing the discipline, skills, teamwork, and strategies needed for dragon boat racing.  

YAWAV is a 9-month youth leadership program dedicated to the positive empowerment and development of Asian and Pacific Islander high school aged young women in San Francisco.

Bayview Youth Advocates is committed to reducing violence and to creating harmony and understanding through outreach, education, and advocacy.

Transition Opportunities and Programs for Success connects high-risk API Transitional Aged Youth (age 16-24) with caring adults and peers to help them successfully transition into adulthood.

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